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The Speaker 

LaTonya is an Inspirational Speaker, trained by the Legendary, Les Brown, who uses her transparency and life experiences to motivate her audience. 


LaTonya MeChelle's diverse life experiences which includes: living all over the world and dealing with all types of people, being a domestic violence victim for 12 years and then becoming an Abuser, dealing with many years of rejection and low self-esteem, being a victim of sexual harassment, raising a son solo, being date raped at the age of 48, a visionary of a movement that most have issues with but because of her passion for change and black men, she won't stop, and so much more, allows her to be one of the most unapologetically speakers out.


Being relatable and real as possible with your audience is how people walk away wanting to do better and work towards their healing. LaTonya is about inspiring others to know that we constantly have opportunities to increase change and empower self. We can do whatever we put our minds to.


As an inspirational speaker, she has the power to motivate and inspire her audience to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential.  She has spoken at a variety of events, including conferences, conventions, workshops, and seminars, and she is passionate about inspiring and motivating people to take action in their lives.


During her presentations, she uses a combination of storytelling, humor, and practical strategies to engage and inspire her audience. She is committed to  providing a valuable and memorable experience for your attendees,

and will work with you to tailor  her presentation to meet your specific needs and objectives.


Some of her topics includes:


Be Your Husband's Wife & Mistress

Life After Escaping Abuse

My Son Saved My Life

A Fatherless Grown Woman

From Abusee To Abuser

Eye Love Me Some Me

Losing My Strong Black Independent Woman Religion

Im Not Who They Say I Am

Eye Have A Dream

My Addiction To Black Men

You Matter

Children Are Our Future

All Girls Matter 

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