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#NewVideo: #Taboo by Damien Escobar!

"TABOO" is the latest release from Emmy Award-Winning Violin Crooner, DAMIEN ESCOBAR. The beautifully played and composed song, serves as the lead single from Damien's upcoming album, to be released later this summer. "Liberation, freedom of expression. Taboo means something that is forbidden, but the word forbidden is based on someone else's standard of living. So everything that someone thinks is "taboo" that you do. This song is your anthem," shares Damien Escobar.

"The visuals for TABOO", were directed by Adio Ash and includes additional Violinists; Nina Woods and Jordan Pettis. The video made its global premiere on BET SOUL and

Escobar is letting it be known that his reign as the King of Strings will not cease.

"TABOO" is globally available now on all streaming and download platforms, via the SRG-ILS Group label imprint.

About Damien

Hailed as one of the most influential and impactful violinists in modern history—two-time Emmy award-winning artist, Damien Escobar, has spent nearly two decades cementing his legacy as the “King of Strings”. He’s inspired listeners, broke barriers, and created a blueprint for other contemporary violinists who aspire to top the charts and make their way onto main stages around the world. And his work is just getting started.

The Jamaica, Queens native who is known for his charisma, sincere humility, and undeniable talent— has always believed the key to his success is rooted in his humble beginnings. It is the main source that keeps him connected to his fans, and cultivates his unending love for performing. And if you’ve heard his story you know that Escobar’s journey after Juilliard (from which he graduated at the age of (12) wasn’t easy! But his passion and vision took him from playing for straphangers on NYC subways to serenading everyone from Oprah to the Obamas while achieving several lifetime goals in between— including an NAACP award nomination, billboard chart topping album releases, and sold out tours around the world. In 2022 Escobar introduced his “Life Out Loud” tour — an inspiring experience intended to affirm audiences to live authentically and unapologetically.

With an upcoming album slated to release later this summer, Escobar is on a mission to prove there’s astonishing power in instrumental music and his intention is to motivate listeners and make an impact on mainstream music like never before.

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