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Meet Karey Rivers

Tell us about you:

I am a passionate and dynamic individual who has a deep love for people and a unique talent for helping businesses and brands thrive. Outside of business, I am the middle son of 6, an instrumentalist (guitar player & drummer), and love to read; my favorite author of all time is Robert Greene. Through his work, I have learned a great deal with being able to apply so much to my life and business.

Tell us about your brand and why people should keep their eyes on you:

With a mission to build voices and introduce brands to the world, I specialize in various areas, including conducting engaging interviews, creating impactful commercials, and delivering captivating audio voiceovers.

However, it doesn't stop there for me. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding brands and ensuring my client's long-term success, I also extends my services to offer strategic advice on investment tools and insurance protection plans with living benefits. My comprehensive approach ensures that brands not only shine in the present but also have a secure and prosperous future.

What is your definition of having a positive attitude and leading a positive life?

Having a positive attitude is not allowing anything to get in the way of what I have envisioned for myself. It may sound like a cliché but it is true, seeing life's glass half full not half empty. Knowing that life will toss many uncontrollable circumstances, but realize that one has been equipped to handle any and everything.

Leading a positive life is sometimes letting go of comfort; being willing to posture through an uncomfortable state for a while upfront to be comfortable later on. Also being able to identify what serves your life and what doesn't; then being honest with oneself to walk away.

Tell us about a time when being positive was the furthest from your mind but somehow you were able to make it through whatever you were going through:

I would have to say March 3rd of 2020 during the beginning stages of COVID. I clocked in for work like any other day. Within 10 minutes, myself and fellow co-workers were called to a virtual meeting then told that our jobs were no longer in existence. From there, two days later my secondary income was no longer. So within three days, all of my income was gone. For a second I have to admit I was a little frantic but complaining, and being fearful wouldn't change anything. In the middle of all that, I remembered how in tough times my parents would pray and push through.

In order to know truly who GOD is and what you're made of, things like this has to happen. Through meditation, fasting, learning how to manifest, doors opened; all because of doing my best to keep cool, kept GOD first and wagered on myself

Share with us a stereotype that you have been put in but you continuously do your part to not fit the characteristics of the stereotype. Explain:

One of the biggest stereotypes I would say is people not realizing I am more than just a guitarist. Because the human beings are creatures of habit and routine, it has me thinking that people can only see someone and associate them with that one thing they always see them do. So, it really places that person who has that unknowing prejudice with a limited view of another.

To do my part to not fit in the little world I've been placed in from the mind the spectator, I let the audience explore more of who I am when I created dynamic content on social media, have interesting conversation in sharing my worldview, and most importantly, do less talking about who I am and just be who I am.

When times are hard, how do you remain positive?

The biggest thing for me when times get hard, is having FAITH in GOD and myself (the GOD within). Understanding that situations do not come to stay in your life. Everything has a season and time....(according to King Solomon) and it does. Just like Summer comes and goes, Fall, Winter, and Spring comes and goes, so does issues of life. So in realizing that, I had to learn patience; because every situation has a process.

I am also a huge advocate of spoken word and that every word that proceeds out of my mouth can be used for me in terms of bringing me what I desire or against me in bringing forth to me what I don't desire.

Meditation & Visualization are other ways for me to stay grounded and absolute in my nature.

What is your favorite quote or song? Why?

My father shared something with me a few years ago of what his father shared with him..."An empty wagon makes a whole lot of noise but, a full wagon makes a bump every now and then." In meaning, don't be all talk, or speaking loud and not saying anything.

He would also say to me "Don't tell and show" "Show and then tell". There again, don't be all talk, be a a doer.

My own saying, " Work hard like it's the end, so in the end, you won't have to work."

From my old supervisor Alan Swain, "You have a choice, you can live comfortable now then live uncomfortable later, or Uncomfortable now to live comfortable later."

Share a word of advice that you think can inspire someone else:

Believe in yourself. You are a two-fold being. The same breathe that is used to cool food down when it's hot, is the same breathe used to warm your hands up with they are cold. You have the answers to all the questions within; have patience with yourself and source the answers out.

In growing veggies on a farm, the farmer has to be patient with what he has sown. The same goes for anything in life. When losing anything in this life's journey whether death of a loved one, heartbreak, job loss, or even transition of careers and all has a process, it all has to readjust itself to the newness of it all. Just keep moving, going, keep growing, keep watering it all with kindness, love, and watch what happens.

Nothing in life comes to anyone that sits, pouts, and wait without doing. Keep going!

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