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Meet Felton Love

Tell us about you:

A well-respected man of virtue and a true man of God. A father of two adult children and grandfather of seven grandchildren. I have served as a barber for over 20 years plus in the Southwest part of Fort Worth, Tx. I started my business in a small storefront, where I gained a great deal of knowledge and grew my clientele. After a few years, I partnered with some amazing business moguls, and Hair Doctors was born. Since birthing the barber business, I have been able to grow my clientele and build long-lasting client relationships. My brand has reached people all over the world and my following has grown by the thousands. My mission has always been to help others, reach and teach as many people as I can by going beyond the walls of his barber salon. I began an outreach to the homeless who were in need and the elderly who could no longer come to the barbershop to get a haircut. My life behind the chair has not limited me from other passions that I have in my life. My love for fashion and style has become the next chapter of my life. I have created a name for myself on the runway as a male model and fashion icon. I have modeled in fashion shows for well-renowned celebrity fashion designers and moguls. Something that started as a passion and love for fashion, became a thriving business. I started my own designer fedora hat line in 2021 during the pandemic and it has been successful thus far. I am a true visionary and I'm dedicated to living life to my full potential while serving the families in the community. I am a true pioneer and legacy creator for my family and everyone I touch.

Tell us about your brand and why people should keep their eyes on you:

My brand is F & L Signature Fedoras, where I handcraft and customize hats to the uniqueness of each customer. My brand has been featured in fashion shows and has been a requested vendor at events in different states. You should keep your eyes on me and my brand because we are evolving daily, working on more creative designs, and have some exciting things in store for the future.

What is your definition of having a positive attitude and leading a positive life?

My definition of having a positive attitude involves setting boundaries and controlling what I allow in my space... which includes my personal, spiritual, and business life. I never let anything get me down because I always look at the end results as being for my good. God is the head of my life, so I'm very humbled and it allows me to lead a positive life.

Tell us about a time when being positive was the furthest from your mind but somehow you were able to make it through whatever you were going through:

I made a choice to work for a school district about a year ago because I have a heart and passion to help kids that are choosing to make barbering a career. Needless to say, I was put in a position to be the instructor with no training or guidance from the school staff. I was upset at first but I had to think about what kind of impact I was making on the students. I made the decision to create my own lesson plan system and made it work. Every day was tough but with God's help, I managed to survive and make it through.

Share with us a stereotype that you have been put in but you continuously do your part to not fit the characteristics of the stereotype. Explain:

I have been called stuck up and bougie' throughout my lifetime but I'm so far from that. You have to be up close and personal with me in order to know the real me. People always look at my social media or see me in person from afar and I get stereotyped. I can't change the way people think or their assumptions so I just continue to be me and live the life I have created.

When times are hard, how do you remain positive?

Prayer keeps me positive. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

What is your favorite quote or song? Why?

My favorite quote is,

"Your decision don't have to be the final chapter, pivot whenever you need to." I like that quote because we are all given an opportunity to change things when we need to. We also have to remember that God has the final say!

Share a word of advice that you think can inspire someone else:

No matter what you do in life continue to stay prayed up. Quitting is not an option. Everybody's hustle is not the same so don't be focused on what others are doing. Create your own lane and ride in it. All of your hard work will pay off!

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