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Meet DJ She Beatz AKA She Healz

Tell us about you:

DJ she Beatz has been DJing professionally for 7 years locally and nationally including tours, festivals, & community events. She has performed in major cities including Las Vegas, New York, Dallas, ATL, Chicago, and many other premiere cities. Some of her exclusive bookings include Nike, opening for Dillon Francis, Whitaker Festival at MOBOT, Wine Fest ATL, Tues Blend: Las Vegas, & many private industry events by entrepreneurs, corporations, & nonprofits.

She Beatz is a pioneer in her city, trail blazing her own lane where music meets philanthropy. She uses her platform to promote local resources, artists, & do gooders. As a result, She created Underground Beatz, a YouTube series & a resource fair, #HEALSTL, to highlight the overlooked, under sourced, & under served in STL arts, education, & wellness. She has made history in her city by shaking up the infrastructure in the way that her brand & events are curated, promoted, and run. She is known for teaching yoga for free, giving space to vendors/artists, & curating community wellness events, and playing affordable/free events, prompting a wave of philanthropy amongst the DJ and nonprofit communities in STL.

She single handedly changed the STL female DJ aesthetic with her feminine aura & her earthy hip hop Aaliyah inspired style - her signature crop tops/under boob, always flashing a smile and peace sign since she began. She also changed the sound of STL DJing, mastering the art of transition and primarily using turntables when she 1st began. DJ she Beatz also has made history by being independent, young, female, hetero, & black and breaking into many venues/spaces in St. Louis including debuting the 1st FM radio show of its kind, with a holistic theme and spiritual content on STL'S premier community radio station 88.1 KDHX. on the air. She also has a 10+ year background as a comm./media relations professional. She Beatz is a hidden gem that blossomed into a lotus amid the adversity that is her city. She grew through it all and has devoted her life to her purpose of guiding others through it all...

Tell us about your brand and why people should keep their eyes on you:

I am She! She Healz was born out of my original brand, DJ she Beatz. I decided to use 'she' because honestly women can never get enough credit for being trailblazers and breaking glass ceilings. I feel like no matter how many ventures I decide to do under the brand "she", the point is that "she does it all." I got my She Healz LLC in April 2020 totally unsure of what was to come of it and literally a year later, I launched the online store, I've successfully merged both of my brands with various series I've created in my city like Yoga x Tacos, Full Moon Yoga & FREE yoga in the Park, & Mindful Mondays, where I was accompanied with a live band and I did sound bowls as well - this was a first of its kind event at the historic BBs Jazz Blues & Soups. I'm continuosly thinking of new ways to trick my city into healing themselves while curating other events where I can utilize all of my skills - and I do this all on my own. I'm truly a one woman show and my city finds me unpredictable, they are envious yet intrigued. However, the amount of hate I get is tripled by the love I get, so it evens itself out. I am a true trendsetter, I have made it cool to give back, I've main streamed spirituality, I've exposed a lot of injustice in our industry, and I inspired my peers to reach their full potential, whether it's genuine or spiteful intent.

What is your definition of having a positive attitude and leading a positive life?

Due to past traumas, I was thrusted into a deep dive of spirituality, religion, quantum physics, & yogic principles over the years with the sole mission of healing and loving myself more. Within this journey, I learned that I had several gifts involving my intuition and my aura (healer/nurturer). I also soon realized that pretty much my whole life, people around me had been taking advantage of these aspects of me without giving anything back. Like most unaware empaths, I was codependent, a fixer, and a people pleaser. Once I became aware of this in its entirety, I decided to use my gifts on my own terms and never allow anyone to steal my energy or inadvertently benefit from my aura ever again. This has led to a life of positivity, peace, and healing

Tell us about a time when being positive was the furthest from your mind but somehow you were able to make it through whatever you were going through:

Those times comes often - being a entrepreneur in St. Louis has been a uphill battle, especially with my growth. I've been gate kept as a DJ, my Instagram has been compromised, people have been mocking my holistic business, people try to benefit from my presence and my mind without giving me credit, folks tune into my shows to steal content and techniques, and a plethora of other things against me including every day adulting.

However, I STILL WANT TO HELP! So I came up with the bright idea of opening a holistic wellness supply store and curating healing events disguised as something basic. I also launched the She Healz Foundation to offer and hold space to those who are awakening or would like to. I want to teach the community about everything they're curious about and so many ways to heal themselves so that they can get into their life purpose and experience what I feel everyday...and maybe they'll find the confidence in themselves and turn away from being such bullies. There's a dark air in STL and I just wanted to change the frequency, whether I get the credit or not...I am.

Share with us a stereotype that you have been put in but you continuously do your part to not fit the characteristics of the stereotype. Explain:

I don't try to not fit into anything and that's what people love and hate about me in my community. It's been misconcieved that I've had help in becoming a successful DJ when nothing was handed to me, especially when people thought they saw my potential before I did. People did everything they could to hold me back including withholding well deserved opportunities, holding resources, or using me as a blueprint to push someone they believed in - which has led to some belief that I've copied some people, as well.

Some may also believe my looks have gotten me this far, however, its actually made it harder because of ageism and sexism - especially since I didn't use what I got to get what I want. The biggest misconception is that I'm naive and easy to swindle, I believe it's due to my looks but mostly my optimistic attitude and youthful spirit. I've only experienced "pretty privilege" in the drive-thrus in my city - my genuine aura, my degrees, my experiences, my trauma, and my expertise in communication has gotten me this far.

When times are hard, how do you remain positive?

I go within, I talk to God, I retreat and tend to my business. I get satisfaction out of working towards my goals because it inspires hope for a way out of hard times. I also watch movies, cook, play with my dog, and be in nature a lot. I really enjoy watching the rain and traveling to bodies of water - I also LOVE spa activies! But sometimes, I just sit at home and release whether that's just simply sitting and crying or throwing a full adult tantrum, I make sure I feel my emotions, express them, and release them as much as possible, then I reward myself with the little things.

What is your favorite quote or song? Why?

"Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover" has been my favorite quote since middle school because I've constantly been misjudged, misunderstood, counted out, and underestimated. However, I'm always the one that got away in business, romantic, platonic, and familial relationships.

Share a word of advice that you think can inspire someone else:

Don't wait on nobody to see you. God sees all including you too, so keep putting in what you want to get out of life - karma is real and no good deed goes unrewarded just as no bad one will go unpunished. Release the past, release the future, and have hope in the present that things will work out and God will guide your steps. Stay grateful, be patient with yourself, and forgive yourself as well as others, for they not know what they do nor do they know who you are - so get out there in show 'em!

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