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I Will Never Be The Same

This picture is so bittersweet! I was filming and directing my first documentary, which was supposed to be shopped to an African audience first, and then we were going to bring it back to the states. We did all the legwork to make this project an instant success. I traveled to the DMV. We hired the crew. We got everyone filmed all in one day. It was such a freaking high!!!! One of my dreams was scratched off my bucket list.

That night after hours of taping and celebrating, I was date raped by someone I trusted! My life has never been the same.

You never know what FB Memories will trigger!

I'm smiling, though, cause I ain't never been a fan of being a victim to anyone or anything. I can't let an incident continue to violate me in such a way that it takes over my way of thinking.

All I'm going to say is STAY TUNED! If I did it once, I can surely do it again. #comeeback #daterape #trustindating #director #makingmovies #tygereyez #latonyamechelle

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