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Happy Solar Eclipse Day - Rise Up


Hey Honeybuns! Happy Solar Eclipse Day to each and every one of you!

Today's got me feeling all kinds of vibes, and I just had to share some thoughts straight from the heart.......

Have y'all noticed the wild ride Mother Nature's been taking us on? Earthquakes in New York, bridges falling like a house of cards, and don't even get me started on this weather rollercoaster we're all riding! And can we talk about the spotlight on our black male celebs? It feels like they're under a microscope, doesn't it? Not that others aren't in the mix, but there's something about the way our brothers are being scrutinized that's hard to ignore.

But hey, I'm not here to gossip or stir up drama. I'm all about keeping it real and paying attention to what's really going on in this crazy world. I would like to challenge you, if you're up for it: Let's start journaling, taking notes on our lives, and really digging deep over the next year. Something inside of me is telling me that, a year from now, some of our our lives will change so drastically, that this eclipse, may start to make sense. Since I'm not one to force my thoughts on anyone, all I ask is to keep that journal so you will have something to go back to measure your changes.

For real, for real, It's time to to do the shadow work and tap into your authentic self. Time to embrace and be open to change and our growth, and watch how you come out shining brighter than ever. Let's keep our heads high and our spirits even higher. We're all about that personal evolution, aren't we?

Now, about this eclipse... To me, it feels like a cosmic nudge, a sign that big changes are on the horizon. The underdogs are rising, and the fakes are about to be shown the door. It's time to stop dreaming and start doing, to believe in ourselves fiercely and unapologetically.

And love? Oh, love. If you really want the pure thing, now is the time and it starts with you. If you fix you, watch and see what comes your way. In doing that, don't forget the importance of valuing ourselves enough to set boundaries, demand respect, and never settle for less than we deserve. You're a precious gem, darling. Shine bright and don't let anyone dull your sparkle.

I may not be an expert on stars or politics, but I know a thing or two about love, peace, and happiness. And when my soul/gut speaks, I listen, and today it's telling me to share these words with you. I hope they resonate and inspire you to embrace your journey.

Sending a huge thank you to all of you for the love and support you've showered me and my team lately. You're all Rockstars! To those who tuned in to KTOY 104.7 and joined the conversation with my and my co-host, Mark White, as we talked about the LaTonya MeChelle Experience and dating, your energy and messages lit up my day. Missed it? No worries—I've got the details below for you.

And to everyone who's been sharing our articles, supporting the magazines, and spreading positivity, you're all incredible. We're just getting started on this amazing adventure together.

To my beloved Veterans, your stories, your resilience, your spirit—it all means the world to me. Thanks for replying to our veteran related eblasts and for sharing it with your favorite veterans. Keep sharing your experiences; I'm all ears.

Now, I'm gonna take a moment to prepare for the unexpected blessings this eclipse is bringing my way. I'm feeling the positive vibes already, and I'm ready to embrace them with open arms on a normal basis. I'm learning and accepting that it's not hard to be constantly blessed. All I do is stay true to myself and who my Creator created, spread kindness, and share love.

So, keep those messages coming. My team and I love hearing from you. And if you've got something on your mind that you'd like to share privately, shoot me an email at Please do not send any personal messages, you will be blocked.

Until next time,

Love, peace and joy

LaTonya MeChelle



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